What is a hydrogen bath machine? 2020-11-20
What is a hydrogen bath machine?
This is a high-power hydrogen water generating equipment that can quickly prepare 200-300 liters of hydrogen water with a capacity of about 1.0PPM in a short time. When human skin is immersed in hot water containing hydrogen, the hydrogen can be Enter the body through the skin pores.

What are the benefits of a hydrogen bath?
   Hydrogen bath was first confirmed to be anti-wrinkle and reduce skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Recent studies have found that hydrogen bath can improve the symptoms of refractory skin diseases such as cowhide and has a good effect on skin diseases and joint problems. Body temperature can rise rapidly during hydrogen bath, which may be effective in improving female pelvic blood circulation, eliminating inflammation, and improving immunity. It can be used as a method for women of childbearing age to prepare for pregnancy.

Is there any conflict between drinking hydrogen rich water , hydrogen bath and other health care or treatment methods?
   At present, there is no conflict between the application of hydrogen products and other treatment methods. We currently find that hydrogen can reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy without affecting the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Other health products and drugs have not found problems when hydrogen products are used together.

Which method of using hydrogen is best?
   We can drink hydrogen water, inhale hydrogen gas, and take a hydrogen bath, but we can’t say which way is best. Drinking hydrogen water is the most convenient and safest, mainly for high blood fat, high uric acid, ulcerative colitis and other metabolic problems and digestive tract inflammation; hydrogenated food can slowly release hydrogen in the digestive tract for a long time, mainly used in refractory bowel disease and digestive system Inflammation; Hydrogen inhalation is more effective for lung and tracheal problems (asthma, emphysema, lung damage caused by smog), as well as brain and nerve problems (brain stroke, Alzheimer's); Hydrogen bath is effective for skin diseases and anti-wrinkle The cosmetic effect is relatively good, and the best way to use it is to apply it at the same time and take multiple measures.
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