Hydrogen dancing in water molecules! 2020-11-15
1. Hydrogen is the basic antioxidant. Due to the small size of the molecule, it can reach every cell of all organs.
2. Hydrogen can be used as an energy source without any toxic by-products.
3. Hydrogen water can neutralize toxins.
4. Hydrogen can purify the body.

Albert Szent-Györgyi won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of vitamin C. He believes that hydrogen is more important than oxygen and is the fuel of life.

Everyone knows the value of oxygen to life, but the companion hydrogen of oxygen is the real fuel. Oxygen burns hydrogen to release energy to generate ATP, which drives all the life processes of our body, such as heartbeat, breathing, digestion, muscle movement, heat generation, thinking, reproduction, and formation of cell tissue components.
Water contains two elements: hydrogen and oxygen, where hydrogen is the fuel and oxygen is the combustion promoter. Hydrogen often becomes the limiting factor. The word Hydrogen comes from the Greek word "the one who becomes water." The combustion of hydrogen and oxygen produces water. In our body, a large amount of water is produced every moment and a large amount of water is consumed at the same time. The dynamic balance of water production/consumption is the most important type of biochemical process. The total amount of water produced and consumed by the body every day exceeds the body's weight.

Preliminary human studies have shown that hydrogen water can relieve muscle fatigue and lactic acid accumulation after exercise in endurance athletes.
Szent-Györgyi took the lead in studying the hydrogen storage capacity of many organs in the human body. He believes that the liver is the largest hydrogen pool, and the liver hydrogen pool can neutralize free radicals produced during detoxification. In 2001, a group of French scholars discovered that high-pressure inhalation of hydrogen gas can protect the liver from chronic liver fibrosis caused by schistosomiasis. In 2007, Japanese scholars found that low-concentration 1-4% hydrogen inhalation can protect cerebral ischemia and liver ischemia-reperfusion injury.

Hundreds of studies have now confirmed the importance of hydrogen enrichment to body health. The benefits of hydrogen include antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulate energy metabolism, improve glucose metabolism, protect the brain from trauma and cognitive impairment, and correct many age-related symptoms. A 2013 article summarized the medical potential of hydrogen. The article proposes that various stresses, bad eating habits, high age and environmental pollution will deplete the hydrogen in our body. In modern society, most people have exhausted hydrogen, and there are varying degrees of hydrogen deficiency. People with hydrogen deficiency are also most in need of hydrogen supplementation.

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