• A healthy life with hydrogen
    2021-09-06 A healthy life with hydrogen
    At present, many studies have proved the protective effect of hydrogen inhalation on cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer's disease, lung injury, kidney injury, tumor-assisted intervention, and sleep improvement. 1. In 2007, a study by Professor Ota Naruo from Japan and other studies confirmed that inhalation of 2% hydrogen can significantly improve cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats. It is also this research that has opened up the world's extensive exploration of hydrogen molecular medicine. 2. There are population studies that prove that hydrogen inhalation as an auxiliary means can reduce the risk of death from cerebral ischemia. In July 2017, Professor Fuji Ono Hirohisa Ono from Juntendo University published the latest clinical study. A number of clinical indicators showed that hydrogen has an intervening effect on cerebral ischemia. Research results show that hydrogen inhalation has significant effects on brain tissue recovery, neurological function improvement and quality of life in patients with acute cerebral ischemia; 3. A number of studies have found that hydrogen inhalation can calm the nervous system and relieve stress. Resists depression tendency and significantly improves the sleep problems of cancer patients; 4. Inhalation of hydrogen gas can help patients with myocardial infarction improve heart function and reduce the problem of cardiac malformation in the stable phase after rescue. The Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University gave experimental animals hydrogen inhalation and found that hydrogen can reduce the area of myocardial necrosis by regulating the endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy of myocardial cells during ischemia-reperfusion injury; 5. Some population studies have found that hydrogen inhalation can reduce the inflammatory response during haze exposure and protect the respiratory system. A study of hydrogen inhalation by sanitation workers in Shijiazhuang City, a major city of smog pollution in Hebei Province, initially confirmed that hydrogen can alleviate the respiratory tract inflammation caused by smog; 6. Inhalation of hydrogen can prevent the occurrence of chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema caused by smoking and improve the respiratory function of patients. A study on "Protective Effect of Inhalation of High Concentration of Hydrogen on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Rats" showed that inhalation of high concentration of hydrogen can improve emphysema, chronic bronchitis, small airway remodeling and decreased lung function in mice caused by smoking. effect; 7. Studies have proved that hydrogen can relieve brain aging, prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's, and can also curb the deterioration of Alzheimer's disease. Long-term hydrogen intake may also reverse the severity of Alzheimer's disease. The well-known hydrogen medical scholar Sergej Ostojic from Serbia observes that hydrogen inhalation can improve the cognitive function of the elderly. The research shows that hydrogen inhalation...
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  • Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Benefits
    2021-09-04 Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Benefits
    Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen inhalation include incredible longevity enhancing effects along with use in prevention and treatment of neurological, cardiovascular, rheumatological and cancer conditions. This article provides a background on hydrogen inhalation and reviews some of the benefits of hydrogen inhalation based on published studies and clinical trials. Until many years back, it was believed that hydrogen gas has no therapeutic value, however in the last two decades, research on molecular hydrogen shows that it may be one of the most important medical gases today. Hydrogen gas is the smallest known molecule and can easily permeate all tissues including the blood-brain barrier. Molecular hydrogen can be inhaled using a hydrogen inhalation machine, and hydrogen gas can also be applied externally and is absorbed easily by all tissues when inhaled. How is molecular hydrogen produced and applied for health benefits? In hydrogen therapy, molecular hydrogen (H2) is applied in form of hydrogen gas or hydrogen infused water generated using hydrogen electrolysis machines. Hydrogen gas bubbled through distilled water dissipates small amounts of hydrogen molecules in the water. Concentration of H2 molecules in hydrogen infused water is quite low, about 1-2 ppm. So to intake 600 ml of hydrogen simply by drinking hydrogen-rich water, you would need to drink quite a lot. However this can be achieved in 1 minute with some of the hydrogen inhalation machines.
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  • Easily inherited eight kinds of cancer, prevent with hydrogen?
    2021-08-27 Easily inherited eight kinds of cancer, prevent with hydrogen?
    At present, humans do not fully understand the mechanism of cancer, and the etiology of many cancers is not clear. There are more than 30 types of cancers that have been shown to have obvious genetic predispositions. 1. Breast cancer In the 1990s, breast cancer susceptibility genes brca1 and brca2 were discovered, but only 5% to 10% of breast cancers are related to genetic inheritance. Under normal circumstances, a mother or sister in a family has breast cancer, and the risk of her daughter or sister getting breast cancer is about three times higher than that of an average woman. 2. Ovarian cancer About 20%~25% of epithelial ovarian cancer is related to genetic factors. Family history of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, etc., may increase the risk of ovarian cancer in female members of the family.   3. Colorectal cancer Familial colon polyps are easy to develop into colorectal cancer. If parents have colorectal cancer caused by the above-mentioned diseases, the probability of their children suffering from the same type of cancer is as high as 50%.   4. Gastric cancer Among all patients with gastric cancer, 10% have obvious familial gathering tendency. A large amount of data shows that family tumor history, especially the history of gastric cancer in immediate family members, is a risk factor for gastric cancer. Relatives of patients with gastric cancer are two to three times more likely to develop gastric cancer than others. 5. Lung cancer A survey in Japan showed that 35.8% of patients with lung squamous cell carcinoma had a family history; among female patients with alveolar cell carcinoma, 58.3% had a family history. 6. Endometrial cancer According to statistics, about 5% of all endometrial cancer patients are caused by genetic factors. The age of onset of these patients is 10 to 20 years younger than the average age of patients with sporadic endometrial cancer.   7. Pancreatic cancer 5% to 10% of family members of pancreatic cancer patients also have a history of the disease. If more than one immediate family member (parents, siblings, children, etc.) suffers from the disease, the risk of the disease will increase significantly, and the disease usually occurs before the age of 50.   8. Prostate cancer If an immediate family member suffers from prostate cancer, the risk of prostate cancer will double. The relative risk of prostate cancer in two or more relatives will increase by 5 to 11 times. Epigenetics is currently a hot spot in biomedical research, and will provide an important knowledge base and possible treatment methods for explaining the causes of tumors and many chronic diseases. The surprising conditioning effect of hydrogen on a variety of diseases is mainly manifested in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. Theoretically, it will definitely affect epigenetic changes through these pathways. In 2011, Japanese scholars used a high-fat diet combined with insulin deficiency in combination with...
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  • Hydrogen inhalar improves cognition in the elderly
    2021-08-24 Hydrogen inhalar improves cognition in the elderly
    This paper comes from the famous Serbian hydrogen medical scholar Sergej Ostojic. It is a preliminary clinical study to observe the improvement of the cognitive function of the elderly by hydrogen inhalation. This is the first series of case reports in the world that hydrogen inhalation improves the cognitive impairment of the elderly. This study suggests that hydrogen inhalation has therapeutic value for cognitive impairment in the elderly. In the latest study, 13 elderly female subjects only breathe in for 15 minutes a day, the hydrogen inhalation concentration is only 4%, and the hydrogen inhalation treatment time is only 4 weeks, but the improvement effect is obvious. The tidal volume of normal adult's peaceful breathing is about 400~600ml. Peaceful breathing rate is 12 to 18 times per minute, so the ventilation volume per minute is 6 to 9 liters. According to this calculation, the amount of hydrogen inhaled by these subjects is about 240-360 milliliters per minute. The study used two cognitive detection methods, namely MMSE and ADAS-Cog. The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) was compiled by Folstein Equally in 1975. It is one of the most influential standardized mental state examination tools. It can be used for Alzheimer’s disease as a cognitive impairment examination method. The screening is simple and easy. The normal value of this table is 27-30 points, and the average number of subjects in this study is 26, indicating the presence of mild cognitive impairment. After 4 weeks of hydrogen inhalation, this value reached 29 points. It shows that cognitive impairment has been significantly improved. ADAS-Cog is a cognitive function score scale for Alzheimer's disease, which can be used to detect the intelligence of the elderly. According to the scores of the scale, it can preliminarily judge whether the elderly have Alzheimer's disease. This assessment includes 11 tasks to assess impairments in memory, language, practice, attention and other cognitive abilities. The results of this study found that the subjects’ ability to recognize words and recall words before the treatment with hydrogen gas has been particularly improved. For example, word recall increased from 3.6 to 8.1, an increase of up to 140%. The results of the study suggest that hydrogen inhalation may be effective for elderly cognitive impairment. It should be further verified by a larger-scale study.
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  • Academician Zhong Nanshan | Hydrogen Molecular Medicine is an emerging discipline
    2021-08-21 Academician Zhong Nanshan | Hydrogen Molecular Medicine is an emerging discipline
    In March 2020, the official website of China's National Health Commission released the "Seventh Edition New Coronary Pneumonia Treatment Plan", which officially included hydrogen therapy as a conditioning method. This indicates that hydrogen has a conditioning effect on pneumonia and is the only "drug" that has no side effects. This move also aroused public curiosity about hydrogen conditioning, and brought the hydrogen health industry based on hydrogen conditioning to the forefront. In my country, there are currently 12 academicians in the field of hydrogen health participating in the research. One of the most representative figures is Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. On April 16, 2017, when he participated in the "Hydrogen Molecular Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases" satellite conference of the World Thoracic Congress, he said that molecular hydrogen medicine is an emerging discipline. In view of the excellent antioxidant effects of hydrogen molecules, especially its High selectivity, high dispersibility and high safety have received wide attention. The metabolite of hydrogen in the body is water, without any side effects. Whether it is drinking hydrogen water or hydrogen inhalation therapy, the method is simple, effective and inexpensive, and is based on the "causal treatment" rather than symptomatic treatment based on the balance of intracellular metabolism, so it has a wide range of indications. Simple, effective, and cheap hydrogen medicine will play an important role in the treatment of chronic diseases and improve the health of the whole people, and it is a practitioner of Healthy China 2030. By drinking hydrogen molecules, you can complete the intake of hydrogen molecules, prevent illness beforehand, and improve your health. It is especially suitable for daily health intervention and disease prevention for the general public after the epidemic. According to relevant market research in Japan, it is estimated that China's hydrogen health industry will exceed RMB 30 billion in 2025, and it will be an important part of the health sector.
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  • New product-Hydrogen Foot Bath Machine
    August 17,2021. New product-Hydrogen Foot Bath Machine
    New product-Hydrogen Foot Bath Machine Triple anti-electricity, safer. H2 mode, one-key hydrogen production. Separation of water and electricity,no water leakage. There is infrared temperature at the bottom of the basin,and the water temperature can be monitored in real time,to maintain a constant temperature. Hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecule in nature, and it is also a very strong antioxidant. It is different from the antioxidants such as vitamin C and carotene that we usually come into contact with. Because the hydrogen molecule is small, it can enter the parts that other antioxidants cannot reach. It can be said that hydrogen molecules are superior non-toxic, colorless, and odorless antioxidants. Benefits Of Hydrogen Molecular Foot Bath: The most effective substance against free radicals is hydrogen molecules Hydrogen is a molecule with important pharmacological effects. It can selectively antioxidant, prevent human cells from aging, improve cell metabolism in the human body, detoxify blood vessel walls, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, lower uric acid, gout, and rheumatoid. It has the effects of anti-inflammatory, beauty and weight loss, and treatment of more than 100 diseases. Hydrogen has a reducing effect, giving electrons to substances that have been deprived of electrons by oxygen to restore them to their original good state. Hydrogen is the only selective antioxidant substance. The hydrogen induction generator of Sdyfu Hydrogen Molecule Health Apparatus is mainly connected from the hydrogen production physiotherapy apparatus. The hydrogen molecules, negative ions and negative potential generated by the sensor generator are released in the water and act on the human body through foot massage or bathing. , To achieve the role of reducing body oxides.
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