• Experiment on whether detoxification is effective
    June 8,2021. Experiment on whether detoxification is effective
    We decided to perform a urine pH test before detoxification, and then perform another pH test after detoxification to compare the results. My first pH test showed that the normal acidic noodles are more. I am ready to see if this detoxification will actually change my pH within 30 minutes. The main purpose of these foot detoxifications is to make the body's pH more "alkaline", but what is the importance of alkalinity? Alkaline physique is essential to a person's health. Diseases thrive in an acidic environment. So basically, the lower the acidity of your body and the stronger the alkalinity, the less likely you are to develop diseases such as osteoporosis or cancer, Christine said. The Centers for Disease Control reports that as many as 85% of diseases are caused by toxins and pollutants in our body. When the ion balance is 80% negative ions and 20% positive ions, the human body functions best. So how do we achieve this goal? The things we put in the body, such as the food we eat, are either acidic or alkaline. Check out your own food chart here. The more alkaline foods you can add to your diet, the better. Ion detox helps to promote the alkalization process through the ionization process, thereby removing "free radicals" in the body. The pH test says: Yes! My pH after detoxification was right in the middle of the spectrum, and it was obviously more alkaline than before detoxification. Christine said that detoxification continues to alkalinize the body through urination and sweating within 48 hours of treatment, which is an added benefit. You should not eat/drink acidic foods after treatment to help better promote the detoxification process. Most people can benefit from ion detox. It is particularly beneficial for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, fungal or yeast infections, and cancer. The benefit of this form of detoxification is that it is “gentle and safe, without compromise, because it bypasses the gastrointestinal system,” Christine said. When combined with acupuncture, detoxification can also stimulate blood flow and treat peripheral neuropathy. For people who do not have a specific disease, the best time to detox is during the transitional seasons: spring and autumn.
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  • Covid-19 in India: Cases, deaths and oxygen supply
    April 29,2021. Covid-19 in India: Cases, deaths and oxygen supply
    "I can't believe we're in the capital of India. People aren't getting oxygen and they're dying like animal In India, the devastating second wave of coronavirus overwhelmed hospitals and crematoriums, and there was a general shortage of oxygen and medicines. Few intensive care beds The country’s intensive care unit has been short of space for a long time, and many patients’ families are forced to drive around in search of beds for their loved ones. In New Delhi-an area of about 20 million people-the hospital is full and is rejecting new patients. Some streets outside the medical institution were already crowded with serious illnesses. When relatives asked the hospital authorities for a place in the hospital, they tried to arrange stretchers and oxygen supply for them. "We have been roaming around for three days looking for a bed," There's a shortage of oxygen Hospitals across India are also experiencing oxygen shortages, with some forced to put up signs warning of a lack of supplies. The country now has the greatest demand for oxygen out of all other low, lower-middle and upper-middle-income countries, according to the PATH Oxygen Needs Tracker. Dr Harjit Singh Bhatti, who works on a Covid ward of Delhi's Manipal Hospital, described watching people gasping for air in the street like "fish out of water". "They are not getting oxygen and they are dying on the roads," he said. Typically, healthcare facilities consume about 15% of oxygen supply in India, leaving the rest for industrial use. But amid India's second wave, nearly 90% of the country's oxygen supply - 7,500 metric tonnes daily - is being diverted for medical use, according to Rajesh Bhushan, a senior health official. Crematoriums are organising mass funeral pyres Many people are being forced to turn to makeshift facilities for mass burials and cremations as India's funeral services become overwhelmed. At least one facility in Delhi has resorted to building pyres in its car park in order to cope with the number of bodies.
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  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Can Treat Patients With Respiratory Distress
    April 29,2021. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Can Treat Patients With Respiratory Distress
    In the isolation ward, there is a severely ill baby less than 2 months old. He is a highly suspected child with new coronary pneumonia, with lung infection, diarrhea, and mild dehydration. During the treatment, the child's oxygen partial pressure did not increase significantly. After consultation, the child needs hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, after transformation, the hyperbaric oxygen department environment used for the treatment of confirmed patients is divided into clean areas and contaminated areas, which do not have the treatment conditions for suspected children. After some discussions, the hospital decided to move the infant treatment cabin into the isolation ward for treatment of the child. On the morning of February 19th, the Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, together with the Department of Infectious Diseases, Department of Pediatrics, and the Department of Medical Security, overcame difficulties and moved the infant treatment cabin into the isolation ward, and sent the child for timely treatment. After the first treatment, the child’s oxygen partial pressure rose to 69mmHg, and the child’s mother told the medical staff, “Now the child is much better and feels energetic. He used to gasp for less than two mouthfuls of milk, and now he doesn’t breathe anymore. ". After three more hyperbaric oxygen treatments, the child's oxygen partial pressure gradually returned to normal levels. The mother of the child excitedly told the medical staff again, "The child finally showed a long-lost smile." After investigation, the child is an excluded case of new coronary pneumonia and has been transferred to the general pediatric ward. After further treatment by the pediatric department, the child has recovered well in various conditions and will be discharged soon. According to He Cong, director of the Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen at Dongfeng General Hospital of Sinopharm, as a kind of oxygen therapy, hyperbaric oxygen can increase the partial pressure of blood oxygen, increase the concentration of free oxygen, and has immune and anti-inflammatory effects. It can effectively block the common new coronary pneumonia. The change from type to heavy and critical type. After discussion with the Hospital Epidemic Prevention and Control Office and the Medical Ethics Committee, it is believed that the use of hyperbaric oxygen to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia is innovative, scientific, and feasible, and a special team has been established to coordinate the entire process of hyperbaric oxygen treatment for patients with new coronary pneumonia to ensure various procedures Smooth and patient safety. In order to transform theoretical support into practical and feasible operations, He Cong led the department staff to continuously sort out the process, and jointly formulated the emergency plan, hospital infection prevention control degree, and instructions for patient entry and education in the cabin in conjunction with the medical department, medic...
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  • Brain health and hydrogen absorption machine
    2021-04-15 Brain health and hydrogen absorption machine
    Brain Health And Hydrogen Absorption Machine The groundbreaking research on hydrogen medicine is that Professor Naruo Ota of Japan Medical University published in the international journal "Natural Medicine" in 2007 and confirmed that inhalation of 2% hydrogen concentration can significantly reduce the area of cerebral infarction. What protective effects does hydrogen have on the brain? For example: eliminate brain fatigue, prevent brain aging, improve memory, prevent stroke, improve the quality of life of Alzheimer's, suppress the course of Parkinson's disease, and so on. Attached some research results: (1) Hydrogen and brain fatigue, cognitive function. A clinical trial of hydrogen absorption in Japan showed that: from the hydrogen absorption experiment for young people, it was learned that fatigue, pressure, and boredom were reduced, and after inhalation, they felt relaxed and refreshed, and their enthusiasm and concentration increased, which proved that hydrogen absorption It has a relaxing effect as well as the effect of activating the brain; the results of clinical trials for the elderly show that hydrogen inhalation can improve cognitive function, and the cognitive function and short-term memory ability are sharply enhanced. In addition, the MCI risk assessment for mild cognitive impairment also shows that continuous hydrogen inhalation in advance is expected to have the effect of preventing dementia. (2) Hydrogen and stroke. In 2007, Japan Medical University reported a study of hydrogen inhalation in an acute rat stroke model. Three groups of animals inhaled 1%, 2%, and 4% hydrogen for treatment. Different concentrations of hydrogen can buffer the damage of oxidative stress. , Significantly improve stroke symptoms. This study also found that hydrogen inhalation is more effective than edaravone (a brain protectant), a commonly used drug for stroke. Professor Sun Xuejun’s 2008 study showed that hydrogen has a significant protective effect on neuronal apoptosis induced by ischemia and hypoxia, and the longer the hydrogen absorption time, the more obvious the effect. In 2017, Nishishima Hospital in Numazu City, Japan carried out a study on the safety and effectiveness of hydrogen inhalation therapy in patients with mild to moderate acute cerebral infarction. The results suggest that hydrogen inhalation therapy has the potential to become a new type of acute stroke. Know the treatment method. (3) Hydrogen and Parkinson's disease. In 2009, Kyushu University and Nagoya University in Japan respectively reported that saturated hydrogen-rich saline can treat Parkinson's disease in rats and protect the brain nerves. In 2013, the Shuntendo University School of Medicine in Japan conducted a clinical study on the therapeutic effect of hydrogen-rich water on Parkinson's disease, and evaluated the condition based on the changes in UPDRS within a year. The results of the study showed that the total UPDRS score of the hydrogen water group was significantly...
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  • What is hydrogen therapy?
    April 20,2021. What is hydrogen therapy?
    What is H2 therapy? Safe and effective inhalation of less than 10% hydrogen is called hydrogen therapy. Every cell in our body is surrounded by a membrane, which is a barrier designed to control which particles are allowed to enter and leave the cell. Hydrogen is so small that it can diffuse freely on these membranes and slide into our cells through the gaps. Therefore, hydrogen can also pass through other membranes, such as the blood-brain barrier. This is important because it is located inside the battery where the hydrogen performs its magic function. Hydrogen seems to work at the level of nuclear gene transcription, telling our cells to start pumping out more powerful free radical scavengers, such as glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase. These enzymes are like special powers to scavenge harmful free radicals. Specifically, hydrogen appears to target the Nrf2 pathway, the main pathway regulated by antioxidants. Interestingly, many pharmaceutical companies seeking drugs to fight neurodegenerative diseases are testing drugs that can also target the same pathway. Hydrogen also affects intracellular signaling, slows down the process of producing harmful free radicals in our cells, and down-regulates the production of proinflammatory cytokines. Although the exact cellular target responsible for these changes is still unknown, more research has been conducted to better understand the exact pharmacodynamics. It is precisely because of these effects at the cellular level that hydrogen can affect many different biological processes and disease states. This is like a master key, unlocking the main system of your body to maintain homeostasis and promote healthy immune function.
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  • Beauty care, skin inflammation repair...Do you know the benefits of hydrogen baths?
    April 1,2021. Beauty care, skin inflammation repair...Do you know the benefits of hydrogen baths?
    Hydrogen bath, as the name suggests, is to take a bath with hydrogen-containing water and absorb hydrogen molecules through the skin. 1. Hydrogen molecule water bath is a way to absorb a large amount of hydrogen molecules. Professor Naruto Ota of the Japan Medical University confirmed that when experiencing a hydrogen bath, hydrogen gas will be absorbed through the skin and circulate in the body after 5 to 10 minutes. (Knowed by the way of measuring exhaled breath) In addition to being absorbed by the skin of the whole body, hydrogen that escapes from the water surface into the air can be absorbed by breathing. 2. Hydrogen molecular water bath has a stronger sense of experience. Why do you say that? Let’s compare drinking hydrogen water. The intake of hydrogen by drinking hydrogen water is mainly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, and the amount of water consumed per day is limited. Therefore, the intake efficiency is lower than that of hydrogen bath. It also takes time for the human body to feel the effects of hydrogen. However, the "hydrogen bath" can simultaneously replenish a large amount of hydrogen through the skin and breath, so that you can quickly feel the "effect of hydrogen". 1. Safe, low-cost, simple and effective beauty care methods (1) Detoxification of the skin Japan Medical University confirmed that one hydrogen bath is equivalent to 300 skin detoxifications and 1,000 rehydrations. (2) Beauty and anti-wrinkle We know that collagen has a strong ability to stretch and keep the skin elastic. The aging of collagen will cause wrinkles in the skin. (3) Anti-ultraviolet rays damage. The daily use of hydrogen water as bath water can effectively prevent skin damage caused by sun exposure, and has many benefits to ensure the youthful state of the skin. (4) Regulate endocrine For women, uterine cold, premature ovarian failure, and irregular menstruation caused by endocrine disorders are the main causes of aging. Hydrogen molecular water bath can effectively promote blood circulation and increase internal temperature, and improve female uterine cold and other problems.
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