• A healthy life with hydrogen
    2021-09-06 A healthy life with hydrogen
    At present, many studies have proved the protective effect of hydrogen inhalation on cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer's disease, lung injury, kidney injury, tumor-assisted intervention, and sleep improvement. 1. In 2007, a study by Professor Ota Naruo from Japan and other studies confirmed that inhalation of 2% hydrogen can significantly improve cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats. It is also this research that has opened up the world's extensive exploration of hydrogen molecular medicine. 2. There are population studies that prove that hydrogen inhalation as an auxiliary means can reduce the risk of death from cerebral ischemia. In July 2017, Professor Fuji Ono Hirohisa Ono from Juntendo University published the latest clinical study. A number of clinical indicators showed that hydrogen has an intervening effect on cerebral ischemia. Research results show that hydrogen inhalation has significant effects on brain tissue recovery, neurological function improvement and quality of life in patients with acute cerebral ischemia; 3. A number of studies have found that hydrogen inhalation can calm the nervous system and relieve stress. Resists depression tendency and significantly improves the sleep problems of cancer patients; 4. Inhalation of hydrogen gas can help patients with myocardial infarction improve heart function and reduce the problem of cardiac malformation in the stable phase after rescue. The Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University gave experimental animals hydrogen inhalation and found that hydrogen can reduce the area of myocardial necrosis by regulating the endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy of myocardial cells during ischemia-reperfusion injury; 5. Some population studies have found that hydrogen inhalation can reduce the inflammatory response during haze exposure and protect the respiratory system. A study of hydrogen inhalation by sanitation workers in Shijiazhuang City, a major city of smog pollution in Hebei Province, initially confirmed that hydrogen can alleviate the respiratory tract inflammation caused by smog; 6. Inhalation of hydrogen can prevent the occurrence of chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema caused by smoking and improve the respiratory function of patients. A study on "Protective Effect of Inhalation of High Concentration of Hydrogen on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Rats" showed that inhalation of high concentration of hydrogen can improve emphysema, chronic bronchitis, small airway remodeling and decreased lung function in mice caused by smoking. effect; 7. Studies have proved that hydrogen can relieve brain aging, prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's, and can also curb the deterioration of Alzheimer's disease. Long-term hydrogen intake may also reverse the severity of Alzheimer's disease. The well-known hydrogen medical scholar Sergej Ostojic from Serbia observes that hydrogen inhalation can improve the cognitive function of the elderly. The research shows that hydrogen inhalation...
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  • Hydrogen inhalar improves cognition in the elderly
    2021-08-24 Hydrogen inhalar improves cognition in the elderly
    This paper comes from the famous Serbian hydrogen medical scholar Sergej Ostojic. It is a preliminary clinical study to observe the improvement of the cognitive function of the elderly by hydrogen inhalation. This is the first series of case reports in the world that hydrogen inhalation improves the cognitive impairment of the elderly. This study suggests that hydrogen inhalation has therapeutic value for cognitive impairment in the elderly. In the latest study, 13 elderly female subjects only breathe in for 15 minutes a day, the hydrogen inhalation concentration is only 4%, and the hydrogen inhalation treatment time is only 4 weeks, but the improvement effect is obvious. The tidal volume of normal adult's peaceful breathing is about 400~600ml. Peaceful breathing rate is 12 to 18 times per minute, so the ventilation volume per minute is 6 to 9 liters. According to this calculation, the amount of hydrogen inhaled by these subjects is about 240-360 milliliters per minute. The study used two cognitive detection methods, namely MMSE and ADAS-Cog. The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) was compiled by Folstein Equally in 1975. It is one of the most influential standardized mental state examination tools. It can be used for Alzheimer’s disease as a cognitive impairment examination method. The screening is simple and easy. The normal value of this table is 27-30 points, and the average number of subjects in this study is 26, indicating the presence of mild cognitive impairment. After 4 weeks of hydrogen inhalation, this value reached 29 points. It shows that cognitive impairment has been significantly improved. ADAS-Cog is a cognitive function score scale for Alzheimer's disease, which can be used to detect the intelligence of the elderly. According to the scores of the scale, it can preliminarily judge whether the elderly have Alzheimer's disease. This assessment includes 11 tasks to assess impairments in memory, language, practice, attention and other cognitive abilities. The results of this study found that the subjects’ ability to recognize words and recall words before the treatment with hydrogen gas has been particularly improved. For example, word recall increased from 3.6 to 8.1, an increase of up to 140%. The results of the study suggest that hydrogen inhalation may be effective for elderly cognitive impairment. It should be further verified by a larger-scale study.
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  • Academician Zhong Nanshan | Hydrogen Molecular Medicine is an emerging discipline
    2021-08-21 Academician Zhong Nanshan | Hydrogen Molecular Medicine is an emerging discipline
    In March 2020, the official website of China's National Health Commission released the "Seventh Edition New Coronary Pneumonia Treatment Plan", which officially included hydrogen therapy as a conditioning method. This indicates that hydrogen has a conditioning effect on pneumonia and is the only "drug" that has no side effects. This move also aroused public curiosity about hydrogen conditioning, and brought the hydrogen health industry based on hydrogen conditioning to the forefront. In my country, there are currently 12 academicians in the field of hydrogen health participating in the research. One of the most representative figures is Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. On April 16, 2017, when he participated in the "Hydrogen Molecular Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases" satellite conference of the World Thoracic Congress, he said that molecular hydrogen medicine is an emerging discipline. In view of the excellent antioxidant effects of hydrogen molecules, especially its High selectivity, high dispersibility and high safety have received wide attention. The metabolite of hydrogen in the body is water, without any side effects. Whether it is drinking hydrogen water or hydrogen inhalation therapy, the method is simple, effective and inexpensive, and is based on the "causal treatment" rather than symptomatic treatment based on the balance of intracellular metabolism, so it has a wide range of indications. Simple, effective, and cheap hydrogen medicine will play an important role in the treatment of chronic diseases and improve the health of the whole people, and it is a practitioner of Healthy China 2030. By drinking hydrogen molecules, you can complete the intake of hydrogen molecules, prevent illness beforehand, and improve your health. It is especially suitable for daily health intervention and disease prevention for the general public after the epidemic. According to relevant market research in Japan, it is estimated that China's hydrogen health industry will exceed RMB 30 billion in 2025, and it will be an important part of the health sector.
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  • Hydrogen water can nourish the stomach, the effect is not a little bit.
    2021-06-18 Hydrogen water can nourish the stomach, the effect is not a little bit.
    The stomach is a very important organ of the human body, and our country is a "big country with stomach diseases." According to the statistics of gastric disease in the fourth quarter of 2005 by the World Health Organization, the incidence of gastric disease in the population is as high as 80%, and it is increasing at an annual rate of 17.43%. In the large population of gastrointestinal patients, the middle-aged and elderly account for more than 70%, of which chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer are more common. In recent years, the pace of life has accelerated, and many people have lived a life of "contracting" three meals a day for takeaway. Coupled with factors such as sedentary and dietary tastes, many young people have also suffered from gastrointestinal diseases, and the trend of disease is becoming more and more obvious Younger. Can drinking hydrogen water nourish the stomach? We know that hydrogen is closely related to the intestinal flora. Molecular hydrogen plays a central role in energy conversion in the energy metabolism of the gastrointestinal flora. Hydrogen is involved in the metabolic pathways of many bacteria that are closely related to human nutrition, disease and health. Supplementing hydrogen by drinking hydrogen water can clean up intestinal free radicals, adjust the balance of flora, optimize the intestinal environment, promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, improve the function of the gastrointestinal system, restore intestinal health, and nourish the stomach. In daily life, you can drink hydrogen-rich water to replace the water you usually drink. It will not change your lifestyle, but can also play a role in health care such as stomach nourishment! Whether it is drinking hydrogen water to protect the stomach, or quitting smoking and restricting alcohol, eating less roadside stalls and takeaways, and living regularly to protect the stomach, all of them need long-term persistence!
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  • Experiment on whether detoxification is effective
    June 8,2021. Experiment on whether detoxification is effective
    We decided to perform a urine pH test before detoxification, and then perform another pH test after detoxification to compare the results. My first pH test showed that the normal acidic noodles are more. I am ready to see if this detoxification will actually change my pH within 30 minutes. The main purpose of these foot detoxifications is to make the body's pH more "alkaline", but what is the importance of alkalinity? Alkaline physique is essential to a person's health. Diseases thrive in an acidic environment. So basically, the lower the acidity of your body and the stronger the alkalinity, the less likely you are to develop diseases such as osteoporosis or cancer, Christine said. The Centers for Disease Control reports that as many as 85% of diseases are caused by toxins and pollutants in our body. When the ion balance is 80% negative ions and 20% positive ions, the human body functions best. So how do we achieve this goal? The things we put in the body, such as the food we eat, are either acidic or alkaline. Check out your own food chart here. The more alkaline foods you can add to your diet, the better. Ion detox helps to promote the alkalization process through the ionization process, thereby removing "free radicals" in the body. The pH test says: Yes! My pH after detoxification was right in the middle of the spectrum, and it was obviously more alkaline than before detoxification. Christine said that detoxification continues to alkalinize the body through urination and sweating within 48 hours of treatment, which is an added benefit. You should not eat/drink acidic foods after treatment to help better promote the detoxification process. Most people can benefit from ion detox. It is particularly beneficial for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, fungal or yeast infections, and cancer. The benefit of this form of detoxification is that it is “gentle and safe, without compromise, because it bypasses the gastrointestinal system,” Christine said. When combined with acupuncture, detoxification can also stimulate blood flow and treat peripheral neuropathy. For people who do not have a specific disease, the best time to detox is during the transitional seasons: spring and autumn.
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  • Covid-19 in India: Cases, deaths and oxygen supply
    April 29,2021. Covid-19 in India: Cases, deaths and oxygen supply
    "I can't believe we're in the capital of India. People aren't getting oxygen and they're dying like animal In India, the devastating second wave of coronavirus overwhelmed hospitals and crematoriums, and there was a general shortage of oxygen and medicines. Few intensive care beds The country’s intensive care unit has been short of space for a long time, and many patients’ families are forced to drive around in search of beds for their loved ones. In New Delhi-an area of about 20 million people-the hospital is full and is rejecting new patients. Some streets outside the medical institution were already crowded with serious illnesses. When relatives asked the hospital authorities for a place in the hospital, they tried to arrange stretchers and oxygen supply for them. "We have been roaming around for three days looking for a bed," There's a shortage of oxygen Hospitals across India are also experiencing oxygen shortages, with some forced to put up signs warning of a lack of supplies. The country now has the greatest demand for oxygen out of all other low, lower-middle and upper-middle-income countries, according to the PATH Oxygen Needs Tracker. Dr Harjit Singh Bhatti, who works on a Covid ward of Delhi's Manipal Hospital, described watching people gasping for air in the street like "fish out of water". "They are not getting oxygen and they are dying on the roads," he said. Typically, healthcare facilities consume about 15% of oxygen supply in India, leaving the rest for industrial use. But amid India's second wave, nearly 90% of the country's oxygen supply - 7,500 metric tonnes daily - is being diverted for medical use, according to Rajesh Bhushan, a senior health official. Crematoriums are organising mass funeral pyres Many people are being forced to turn to makeshift facilities for mass burials and cremations as India's funeral services become overwhelmed. At least one facility in Delhi has resorted to building pyres in its car park in order to cope with the number of bodies.
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