Professor Answers 2020-11-22

What are the advantages of using hydrogen for body care?

Hydrogen has been valued by many countries as a green energy in the future. One of the most basic conditions for being an energy source is that it is cheap enough, otherwise it will not be possible to obtain a large number of applications. The low-cost advantage of hydrogen energy has promoted the industrial field to master multiple methods of producing hydrogen.

As a means of treating and preventing diseases, corresponding technologies and conditions are naturally required. However, the low cost of hydrogen itself means potentially high profits, which has become one of the important driving forces for many scholars and companies to develop related health products.

The reasons why I am full of confidence in hydrogen (hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen molecular bath, hydrogen absorption machine) are as follows:

1. Hydrogen is a biologically active substance. Bacteria can produce and use hydrogen, so hydrogen belongs to the field of biology.
2. Hydrogen is the simplest substance.
3. Hydrogen is a reducing substance. Redox is the basis of energy metabolism and an important means of many biological adjustments. Hydrogen may have an effect due to its reducibility.
4. Hydrogen is an element of life. Hydrogen is a constituent of water. More than 70% of the element in the human body is hydrogen.
5. Hydrogen is the most important component of the universe. Almost more than 90% of the universe is hydrogen.
6. The first element produced in the universe is hydrogen.
7. Other forms of hydrogen are very important. Synthesize water with oxygen. Electrolysis determines pH for hydrogen ion and hydroxide ion. The acid-base balance is the most important basis for the normal metabolism of organisms. In other words, other forms of hydrogen have important biological value. The very basic form of hydrogen is also likely to play an important role.
8. The mode of action of hydrogen may be very different from the biological effects we know. It may be a new biological process.
9. The dosage of hydrogen gas is very low, which is close to the physiological concentration of many hormones and nerve mediators in the organism. These extremely low content substances play an important biological role in the human body, and hydrogen has the same possibility.
10. The biological safety of hydrogen is very high. Breathing hydrogen at dozens of atmospheres will not cause obvious harm to the human body. Compared with its extremely low concentration, which can produce obvious biological effects, it is easy to produce a paradox, the paradox of dose-effect relationship. This is a characteristic that no other biological substance has.

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