Here are some questions and answers about hydrogen molecules, all you want to know. 2020-11-17
1. What is hydrogen?
 Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table of chemical elements.Hydrogen is the smallest molecule known in nature and generally exists in a gas state.
Strong penetration is an important feature of hydrogen. Because of this feature, hydrogen is more difficult to store. Therefore, after dissolving hydrogen in water, if you want to maintain the hydrogen concentration in hydrogen water for a long time, you need to use aluminum alloy materials to make packaging, and other steel materials Neither glass, plastic, etc. can prevent hydrogen from escaping. On the other hand, because hydrogen is very small and has strong penetrating power, it can easily reach various parts of the body and the inside of tissue cells after entering the human body. For example, hydrogen can reach the mitochondria in cells. The fine structure fundamentally adjusts the cell state. This advantage cannot be achieved by many drugs.
2. Where can hydrogen be used?
  Hydrogen can be burned to release energy to produce water. It is a very clean and pollution-free energy source. There are now hydrogen energy vehicles and airplanes. During diving, you can breathe high-pressure hydrogen gas to resist the pressure of water on the body. Hydrogen has been studied and applied in the diving field for more than 80 years. It is a safe gas for diving, and no adverse effects on the human body have been found.
   With the deepening of the understanding of the application of hydrogen, the application of hydrogen in the fields of medical and health and agriculture continues to expand. There are large application examples in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and animal husbandry, and there are very good application prospects.
3. How was the therapeutic effect of hydrogen gas on diseases discovered?
In 2007, Japanese scientist Professor Naruo Ota published an article in the international authoritative journal "Nature Medicine", proving that 2% hydrogen inhalation can treat stroke, opening a new chapter in hydrogen medical research.
In 2008, the team of Professor Sun Xuejun of the Second Military Medical University published the second international and first domestic hydrogen medicine research report. Professor Sun Xuejun is the most important advocate and promoter of hydrogen medicine research in China, and he is known as the "China Hydrogen Molecular No. one person".
In 2017, Professor Xu Kecheng, General Dean of Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital, created a hydrogen molecular medicine experience hall for hundreds of people to provide free hydrogen recovery experience for the majority of cancer patients, and achieved great clinical results in hydrogen-assisted cancer rehabilitation medicine, and published it The publication of "Hydrogen Control Cancer" shocked the research community of hydrogen molecular medicine.
Hydrogen medicine has been researched for more than 10 years. So far, more than 1,200 articles have been published at home and abroad, covering nearly 200 types of diseases.
4. Why can hydrogen cure diseases?
Many researchers have found that hydrogen can specifically neutralize toxic free radicals such as hydroxyl free radicals, but has no significant effect on the physiological functions of free radicals required by the human body. We call this "selective antioxidant", which is currently recognized by hydrogen medical research. A theoretical explanation. Hydrogen is the only antioxidant known to be selective to free radicals. Because it does not affect the free radicals required by the body to maintain life activities, there are no reports of hydrogen intervention in the body's normal physiological activities, and there is no dosage limit on use.
With the deepening of hydrogen research, it has been discovered that hydrogen has a regulatory effect on many key signal pathways in the body. It can be said that hydrogen is not only an antioxidant, but its mechanism of action may be very complicated. There is no end to scientific research. There is no end to the study of the mechanism of hydrogen. Still in the process of in-depth exploration.

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