Mouse experiment-Hydrogen therapy and anti-aging 2020-11-13

Although the research on hydrogen molecules has been carried out for hundreds of years, the medical application of hydrogen molecules is still less than 50 years old. Due to the lack of sufficient evidence and big data support, although the medical community generally believes that hydrogen molecules can be used in clinical applications, many people still doubt that hydrogen molecules have not yet been widely recognized by the public. However, the pace of medical exploration has not stalled because of these doubtful voices.

We decided to try to observe the anti-aging and anti-debilitating effects of hydrogen-rich water on aged mice.

We used 20-month-old mice. The life span of a mouse is 2-3 years, and a 20-month-old mouse is approximately equivalent to a human being about 65 years old. The mice were divided into two groups, half drank ordinary purified water, and the other half used fresh hydrogen-rich water. We observed that with the increase of age, the mice that drank ordinary purified water showed significant weight loss, weakened muscle tone, and reduced exercise tolerance within 2 months of the experiment. This is related to the changes in the metabolism of the elderly population. The debilitating symptoms are similar. The half-mouse who drank hydrogen-rich water showed interesting changes about two weeks after the experiment began. Their weight loss has improved significantly, and the time they spend on treadmills has increased by 2-3 times; after drinking for 1 month, this time has increased by 4-5 times. What's more interesting is that during our experiment, we unexpectedly discovered that the group of mice that drank hydrogen-rich water showed stronger learning and memory abilities, and could learn cheating skills on treadmill exercises and grip tests faster. These results make us believe that hydrogen-rich water has a good effect on aging and debilitating.

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