Hydrogen Foot Detox ​Spa Constant Temperature Infrared Physiotherapy Detox Foot Bath Machine

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Hydrogen Foot Detox Spa  Constant Temperature Infrared Physiotherapy Detox Foot Bath Machine

Product Name:Hydrogen Spa Machine Model:E817F
Host Machine:1pcs Power Supply:1pcs(3M)
Motor:220V-240V Power:100W
Frequency:50-60Hz N.W.:9KG


Triple anti-electricity, safer.

H2 mode, one-key hydrogen production.

Separation of water and electricity,no water leakage.

There is infrared temperature at the bottom of the basin,and the water temperature can be monitored in real time,to maintain a constant temperature.

Hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecule in nature, and it is also a very strong antioxidant. It is different from the antioxidants such as vitamin C and carotene that we usually come into contact with. Because the hydrogen molecule is small, it can enter the parts that other antioxidants cannot reach. It can be said that hydrogen molecules are superior non-toxic, colorless, and odorless antioxidants.

The Benefits of Infrared

⭐1. infrared rays improve blood circulation

2. infrared rays improve joint pain

3. infrared rays regulate the autonomic nerve

4. infrared skin care and beauty

⭐5. infrared ray improves the circulatory system

6. Activate the molecular activity of biological cells and improve immune function

Hydrogen foot bath machine is a household foot bath and health appliance that integrates safety, comfort and convenience.It not only allows you to enjoy comfortable feet with hydrogen-containing hot water, but also heat moxibustion on the soles of your feet.Humanized design throughout the product, the concealable handle with the universal wheel at the bottom of the product, so that the product can be moved and dragged like a suitcase convenient and labor-saving.Detachable hydrogen electrode box makes cleaning more convenient.

Why choose us

1. Competitive price ---- direct sales from the factory; design, mold opening, production, packaging, etc. are all done by ourselves, all in stock;

2. Good quality & guarantee---strict quality control and careful inspection before shipment.

3. Delivery on time---We attach great importance to all orders, and always try our best to deliver goods as soon as possible;

4. Perfect tracking service-we constantly update our customers with the latest product information and track the further development of all orders.

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