Is hydrogen useful for the new coronavirus? Dec 29,2020.
Is hydrogen useful for the new coronavirus? The new coronavirus epidemic is now very serious and its impact on the world is getting worse and worse.

A better phenomenon is that in the process of responding to the new coronavirus in China, hydrogen has been involved in the process. The seventh edition of China’s new coronavirus diagnosis and treatment guidelines has already used hydrogen and oxygen breathing for patients, and even for critically ill patients. The condition can be used for treatment (everything is based on the doctor's treatment). This shows that hydrogen has made some relatively good progress in China regarding the new coronavirus.

But strictly speaking, will hydrogen gas be effective for the new coronavirus? We can’t say that, because we want to say that a method or a drug is effective for a disease. There must be a strict evidence, but there is no official publication yet. data. So it cannot be said that it will work.

We have noticed that some customers have improved their breathing difficulties after using the Hydrogen Molecular Machine, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and some practical feedback. No matter what, hydrogen molecules will get better and better in the world. For our health, it is necessary to use some machines or means. Hydrogen molecular foot bath and hydrogen molecular bath are good choices
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