The three components of hydrogen 2020-12-13

The hydrogen element has three brothers, namely protium, deuterium and tritium. The most common element in nature is protium, which accounts for 99.99% of all hydrogen elements. In addition, 155ppm of hydrogen is deuterium. The content of tritium in nature is very small or even negligible. . Of these three hydrogen elements, only tritium is a radioactive isotope, which can release β-rays. If a large amount of tritium gas is inhaled, water or organic matter containing tritium can be chronically damaged by radiation. Because this kind of damage can only happen from the body, it is also called internal radiation damage.

The nuclear industry of nuclear power plants will inevitably have nuclear waste. Non-hydrogen nuclear waste in water is relatively easy to remove. Resin beads are usually used to filter and store waste water. The charged resin beads can attract radioisotope ions such as cesium and strontium. The wastewater needs to be further treated, and the ALPS liquid treatment system strips the charged particles out of the water. But the ALPS system is completely unable to remove the hydrogen isotopes of tritium in water molecules.
However, because the radioactive elements of water molecules have too little influence on the chemical properties of water, it is very difficult to remove them. If they must be removed, it takes a lot of energy. This is a difficulty that countries can hardly overcome. It can be said that dumping tritium waste into the ocean is also a last resort, and the nuclear countries in the past did the same, but this time it was not noticeable.
Because the beta decay of tritium only emits high-speed moving electrons and does not penetrate the human body, only inhalation or large intake of tritium through diet can be harmful to the human body.

As a therapeutic gas, hydrogen is attracting wide attention in clinical medicine. High concentration of hydrogen can reduce the damage of various free radical-related diseases. Considering that hydrogen has multiple advantages, such as small molecular size and strong diffusion ability, can penetrate into various parts of the cell, selective antioxidant effect, ideal biocompatibility, economic convenience, etc. Recently, it has also received a certain amount of attention in the field of anti-radiation, and it has been found to have preventive and therapeutic effects on various radiation damages.

The latest research uses hydrogen water as a tool to promote tritium excretion and combat its radiation damage. On the basis of determining its effect, the effective basis is discussed from multiple angles.

Hydrogen-rich water can inhibit the increase in the level of reactive oxygen species (superoxide anions and nitrite anions) in cells. Increase the level of endogenous antioxidants in cells caused by exposure to tritiated water. Reduce lipid peroxidation (MDA), alleviate DNA oxidative damage, and inhibit cell apoptosis and cytotoxicity. In summary, hydrogen water is expected to become an effective tritium radioactive scavenger through the competitive effect of isotope exchange, or to become a radioprotective agent by scavenging free radicals caused by tritiated water exposure.

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