Hydrogen is anti-fatigue. Jan 19,2021.
Fatigue is a typical manifestation of oxidative stress and an overall manifestation of inflammatory response. As an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant molecule, hydrogen anti-fatigue is also logical. Recently, German hydrogen medical research scholar Kurt Lucas also holds invention patents for hydrogen water and hydrogen therapy. Many years ago, he himself suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, and various methods were ineffective. After drinking hydrogen water, he resumed his normal work. He recorded his experience in detail in his paper. He recently proposed that hydrogen and hydrogen water should have a good prevention and treatment effect on both acute and chronic fatigue, for acute fatigue caused by exercise, for hangover fatigue caused by drinking, for inflammatory fatigue caused by bacterial virus infection, and for chronic disease related For fatigue, hydrogen may have the desired effect.

Fatigue is distinguished between acute and chronic. Acute fatigue is often caused by high mental stress and excessive physical exertion. For example, acute excessive exercise such as climbing a mountain reflects the dual consumption of mental and physical strength, and excessive drinking is because the liver needs to consume a lot of energy for detoxification. Fatigue can also form a persistent or chronic state, which is often caused by viral or bacterial infections. It is also often seen in severe central nervous system diseases such as Parkinson's disease and senile dementia.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is also called myalgic encephalomyelitis [ME/CFS]. Morris et al. conducted extensive research on the different manifestations, causes and possible treatments of this disease.

Inflammation is an important factor leading to oxidative stress and fatigue. Inflammation is a very complex process. Many diseases are accompanied by the release of inflammatory factors such as interleukin 1, 6 and tumor necrosis factor. Inflammatory cell damage also releases damage-related model molecules such as heat shock protein and high-mobility histone B1. Inflammatory cells also synthesize a large amount of nitric oxide. This molecule reacts with other reactive oxygen species to produce nitrite anion. Inflammatory factors, damage molecules, and reactive oxygen species can all participate in promoting the inflammatory response, which can further aggravate the inflammatory response.

Hydrogen is no stranger to the human body. In a pioneering paper in Natural Medicine in 2007, the group of Japanese scholar Professor Ota described hydrogen as a therapeutic antioxidant gas that can selectively reduce cytotoxic oxygen free radicals. However, the significant beneficial effects of hydrogen on many diseases cannot be fully explained by the active oxygen scavenging activity.

According to the regulations of the European Commission, hydrogen molecules are safe to the human body and are certified food additives (e949). There is currently no research evidence of the toxicity of hydrogen.

in conclusion
Fatigue, whether temporary or chronic, is usually caused by excessive oxidative stress. . A lot of fatigue is caused by the excessive production of mitochondrial active oxygen. The reduction of oxidative stress by hydrogen is the basis for alleviating fatigue.

Professor Kurt Lucas from Max Planck Institute of Chemistry in Germany experienced a month of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) in 2011. He personally insisted on taking 1 liter of hydrogen-rich water every day, and the symptoms disappeared after 4 weeks (the patient he described in an article turned out to be himself!).

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