Trouble with acne? Washing the face with hydrogen water is effective for improving the skin! Apr 7,2021.

Karolina Chilick, Department of Health Sciences, Institute of Health Sciences, Polle University, Poland, published a paper in "Healthcare", proving that the use of hydrogen water to clean is beneficial to acne recovery and improve skin health. From then on, it can be said that "some human body experiments have found that washing the face with hydrogen water has a certain healing effect on acne."

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of the hair follicle sebaceous gland unit. The clinical manifestations are characterized by pleomorphic skin lesions such as acne, papules, pustules, and nodules that occur on the face. It is a common skin disease characterized by skin rashes, which may reduce the patient's quality of life. Hydrogen water cleansing is a new cosmetic method used to improve facial skin parameters. This study investigated the effectiveness of hydrogen water facial cleansing treatment for improving the skin condition of women with acne vulgaris.

Research method: 30 female patients with high levels of sebum and acne participated in this trial. The control group consisted of 30 healthy women with low sebum.

The Hellgren-Vincent scale and Derma Unit SSC 3 instrument were used to evaluate the severity and skin characteristics of acne vulgaris. Use Hebe hydrogenated alkaline water, once every 7 days, for 4 times of hydrogen cleansing.

Results: At baseline and 7 days and 14 days after the end of a series of treatments, the oiliness, moisture and skin pH of the subjects' skin were tested. The main effects of the treatment are significant in the following parameters: the pH around the lower lip, the moisture around the eyebrows and nose, and the oiliness of the skin on the above three facial parts.

Conclusion: During the hydrogen cleansing process, the level of sebum decreases and the level of moisture increases. Partial hydrogen facial cleansing treatment of acne vulgaris is an effective and safe treatment method.

References: Chilicka, K.; Rogowska,A.M.; Szyguła, R. Effects of Topical Hydrogen Purification on Skin Parameters and Acne Vulgaris in Adult Women. Healthcare 2021, 9, 144.

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