Precautions for using hydrogen inhalation machine Apr 22,2021.
The first point: The concentration and time of inhaled hydrogen are closely related to the blood flow response. For people with various diseases and very weak, we recommend that the flow rate be controlled below 200 ml when starting to inhale hydrogen within 15 minutes (the initial recommendation was 300 ml for 30 minutes, but many people still have serious reactions) , Measure blood pressure before and after hydrogen inhalation. If the blood pressure rises after hydrogen inhalation, or if you feel unwell during the process or after going home, do not absorb hydrogen temporarily.

The second point: Do not rush to inhale hydrogen, start slowly from 15 minutes, and double the dose every 2-3 days (young people can increase it quickly, and the elderly can increase it as slowly as possible). If it increases, in the process, Severe discomfort or chest tightness and dizziness should be restored to the original dose and concentration as soon as possible and used for a period of time. It is not recommended for those who desire to see results immediately.

The third point: the longer the hydrogen absorption time, the better. This is a preliminary conclusion based on the current experimental research results. However, this recommendation applies to all kinds of stubborn and critically ill patients. Is it useful to reduce inhalation? Yes, for medical care and the conditioning of certain chronic diseases, inhaling hydrogen for 1-2 hours a day can protect the body. Hydrogen absorption is a long-term method. First of all, it shouldn't take long to start. In the first year of hydrogen absorption, it is usually recommended 1-2 hours a day!

The fourth point: Because research has found that hydrogen can inhibit platelet activation, and patients with extremely low platelets caused by various diseases are not recommended to use hydrogen!

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