Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Can Treat Patients With Respiratory Distress Apr 29,2021.

In the isolation ward, there is a severely ill baby less than 2 months old. He is a highly suspected child with new coronary pneumonia, with lung infection, diarrhea, and mild dehydration. During the treatment, the child's oxygen partial pressure did not increase significantly. After consultation, the child needs hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, after transformation, the hyperbaric oxygen department environment used for the treatment of confirmed patients is divided into clean areas and contaminated areas, which do not have the treatment conditions for suspected children. After some discussions, the hospital decided to move the infant treatment cabin into the isolation ward for treatment of the child.

On the morning of February 19th, the Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, together with the Department of Infectious Diseases, Department of Pediatrics, and the Department of Medical Security, overcame difficulties and moved the infant treatment cabin into the isolation ward, and sent the child for timely treatment. After the first treatment, the child’s oxygen partial pressure rose to 69mmHg, and the child’s mother told the medical staff, “Now the child is much better and feels energetic. He used to gasp for less than two mouthfuls of milk, and now he doesn’t breathe anymore. ".

After three more hyperbaric oxygen treatments, the child's oxygen partial pressure gradually returned to normal levels. The mother of the child excitedly told the medical staff again, "The child finally showed a long-lost smile." After investigation, the child is an excluded case of new coronary pneumonia and has been transferred to the general pediatric ward. After further treatment by the pediatric department, the child has recovered well in various conditions and will be discharged soon.

According to He Cong, director of the Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen at Dongfeng General Hospital of Sinopharm, as a kind of oxygen therapy, hyperbaric oxygen can increase the partial pressure of blood oxygen, increase the concentration of free oxygen, and has immune and anti-inflammatory effects. It can effectively block the common new coronary pneumonia. The change from type to heavy and critical type.

After discussion with the Hospital Epidemic Prevention and Control Office and the Medical Ethics Committee, it is believed that the use of hyperbaric oxygen to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia is innovative, scientific, and feasible, and a special team has been established to coordinate the entire process of hyperbaric oxygen treatment for patients with new coronary pneumonia to ensure various procedures Smooth and patient safety.

In order to transform theoretical support into practical and feasible operations, He Cong led the department staff to continuously sort out the process, and jointly formulated the emergency plan, hospital infection prevention control degree, and instructions for patient entry and education in the cabin in conjunction with the medical department, medical security department and other departments.
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