Brain health and hydrogen absorption machine 2021-04-15

Brain Health And Hydrogen Absorption Machine

The groundbreaking research on hydrogen medicine is that Professor Naruo Ota of Japan Medical University published in the international journal "Natural Medicine" in 2007 and confirmed that inhalation of 2% hydrogen concentration can significantly reduce the area of cerebral infarction.

What protective effects does hydrogen have on the brain?
For example: eliminate brain fatigue, prevent brain aging, improve memory, prevent stroke, improve the quality of life of Alzheimer's, suppress the course of Parkinson's disease, and so on.

Attached some research results:

(1) Hydrogen and brain fatigue, cognitive function.

A clinical trial of hydrogen absorption in Japan showed that: from the hydrogen absorption experiment for young people, it was learned that fatigue, pressure, and boredom were reduced, and after inhalation, they felt relaxed and refreshed, and their enthusiasm and concentration increased, which proved that hydrogen absorption It has a relaxing effect as well as the effect of activating the brain; the results of clinical trials for the elderly show that hydrogen inhalation can improve cognitive function, and the cognitive function and short-term memory ability are sharply enhanced. In addition, the MCI risk assessment for mild cognitive impairment also shows that continuous hydrogen inhalation in advance is expected to have the effect of preventing dementia.

(2) Hydrogen and stroke.

In 2007, Japan Medical University reported a study of hydrogen inhalation in an acute rat stroke model. Three groups of animals inhaled 1%, 2%, and 4% hydrogen for treatment. Different concentrations of hydrogen can buffer the damage of oxidative stress. , Significantly improve stroke symptoms. This study also found that hydrogen inhalation is more effective than edaravone (a brain protectant), a commonly used drug for stroke.

Professor Sun Xuejun’s 2008 study showed that hydrogen has a significant protective effect on neuronal apoptosis induced by ischemia and hypoxia, and the longer the hydrogen absorption time, the more obvious the effect.

In 2017, Nishishima Hospital in Numazu City, Japan carried out a study on the safety and effectiveness of hydrogen inhalation therapy in patients with mild to moderate acute cerebral infarction. The results suggest that hydrogen inhalation therapy has the potential to become a new type of acute stroke. Know the treatment method.

(3) Hydrogen and Parkinson's disease.

In 2009, Kyushu University and Nagoya University in Japan respectively reported that saturated hydrogen-rich saline can treat Parkinson's disease in rats and protect the brain nerves.

In 2013, the Shuntendo University School of Medicine in Japan conducted a clinical study on the therapeutic effect of hydrogen-rich water on Parkinson's disease, and evaluated the condition based on the changes in UPDRS within a year. The results of the study showed that the total UPDRS score of the hydrogen water group was significantly different from that of the control group, and the improvement was obvious.

Advantages of hydrogen to protect the brain:
The big advantage of Zui is that hydrogen can easily reach the brain tissue without being interrupted by the blood-brain barrier.

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