Hydrogen water can nourish the stomach, the effect is not a little bit. 2021-06-18

The stomach is a very important organ of the human body, and our country is a "big country with stomach diseases."

According to the statistics of gastric disease in the fourth quarter of 2005 by the World Health Organization, the incidence of gastric disease in the population is as high as 80%, and it is increasing at an annual rate of 17.43%.

In the large population of gastrointestinal patients, the middle-aged and elderly account for more than 70%, of which chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer are more common.

In recent years, the pace of life has accelerated, and many people have lived a life of "contracting" three meals a day for takeaway. Coupled with factors such as sedentary and dietary tastes, many young people have also suffered from gastrointestinal diseases, and the trend of disease is becoming more and more obvious Younger.

Can drinking hydrogen water nourish the stomach?
We know that hydrogen is closely related to the intestinal flora.

Molecular hydrogen plays a central role in energy conversion in the energy metabolism of the gastrointestinal flora. Hydrogen is involved in the metabolic pathways of many bacteria that are closely related to human nutrition, disease and health.

Supplementing hydrogen by drinking hydrogen water can clean up intestinal free radicals, adjust the balance of flora, optimize the intestinal environment, promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, improve the function of the gastrointestinal system, restore intestinal health, and nourish the stomach.

In daily life, you can drink hydrogen-rich water to replace the water you usually drink. It will not change your lifestyle, but can also play a role in health care such as stomach nourishment! Whether it is drinking hydrogen water to protect the stomach, or quitting smoking and restricting alcohol, eating less roadside stalls and takeaways, and living regularly to protect the stomach, all of them need long-term persistence!
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