Detox Foot Spa Detox Whole Body Dec 10,2020.
Over time, toxins accumulate in our bodies. This accumulation can damage our immune system and make us vulnerable to disease.

There is a new detox method that can help you get rid of the burden on your body. SDYFU ion detox bath is cleaned by human feet. Ion detox cleansing foot bath can help the body to expel waste and neutralize harmful free radicals.

During the 30-minute foot bath, water is ionized by negatively charged ions. These negatively charged substances in the water attract positively charged toxins in the body, neutralize them, and the toxins will be excreted from the body through urine and feces. Drink plenty of hydrogen water or mineral water during treatment to speed up the excretion of toxins.

Studies have shown that ion detox foot baths can provide the beneficial effects of balancing the overall effect of the body and increasing negative ions. The technique of using feet for cleansing helps to clear your vital organs throughout the body, thereby reducing cramps, sexual health problems, menopausal symptoms and skin problems, as well as acne, restlessness, stress, wrinkles, pain, yeast infections and more. Internal cleaning can help heal wounds and cure diseases faster.

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