What is brown gas? Mar 9,2021.

Brown gas is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen

Yul Brown (1922~1998) is a Bulgarian professor. He graduated from electromechanical engineering. After graduating from university, he went to Moscow and obtained a degree in physics from Moscow University. In 1958, Professor Brown went to Australia as an electrical engineer and began his research career. He is convinced that Jules Verne's "fire in water" theory is achievable. After years of research, Professor Brown discovered that if hydrogen and oxygen are mixed in a specific ratio, not only can it burn safely, but the entire combustion process is pollution-free. At the beginning of 1970, he invented a patented method to produce explosion-proof hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas by electrolysis with water. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the gas are precisely proportioned at 2:1. Professor Brown found that if the strict ratio is adhered to, this hydrogen-oxygen mixture can be safely mixed (the mixing ratio can be adjusted by plus or minus 5%), and the result is what is called Brown gas today.

Professor Brown came to China in 1990 and worked for 3 years. He has taught Brown gas technology at the 52 Institute for many times. This has attracted the attention of the leaders and the majority of scientific and technical personnel. The scientific and technical personnel are very interested in Professor Brown’s scientific and precise electrolysis. The structural design was studied, and finally successfully developed a safe and environmentally friendly Brown gas, and the first generation of Brown gas generator was developed.

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