The more poisonous the fatter and the older, the 36 kinds of people who need detoxification! 2022-06-25
Why detox?

Now more and more food safety hazards are exposed, we are exposed to harmful and polluted diets every day, such as melamine found in milk, dichlorvos found in ham, paraffin found in rice, and now chickens can grow into 40 days. , and can grow 6 wings and 8 feet, they are all grown up on contraceptives, etc., so in order to better protect our health, we need to expel the toxins we eat.

Nowadays, more and more people have fatty liver, three high diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, liver and kidney failure due to excess nutrition. The fundamental reason is that we eat more and discharge less! Therefore, foreigners ridicule Chinese citizens that there are two ways to die. If you eat, you will die of poisoning. If you don't eat, you will starve to death. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, you must detoxify.

1. Patients with constipation

2. Obese people

3. Patients with fatty liver

4. Patients with high blood pressure

5. People with melasma

6. People with frequent acne breakouts

7. Patients with hyperlipidemia

8. People with diabetes

9. People with cholecystitis

10. People who often have eczema

11. Patients with coronary heart disease

12. People with cirrhosis

13. People with psoriasis

14. People who often suffer from dysmenorrhea

15. Hepatitis patients

16. People who are prone to allergies

17. People with liver cysts

18. People with renal cysts

19. People who often suffer from insomnia

20. People with arthritis

21. People with rheumatoid

22. People with bad breath

23. People who smell bad

24. People with thick blood

25. People with frequent mouth ulcers

26. People with prostatitis

27. People with ovarian cysts

28. People with breast hyperplasia

29. People with uterine fibroids

30. People who often suffer from back pain

31. People with enlarged prostate

32. People with chronic bronchitis

33. People who often take drugs

34. Malnourished people

35. People who often suffer from shoulder, neck and back pain

36. People with endocrine disorders

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