Sdyfu Ionic Detox Foot Spa Jun 11,2020.

Sdyfu detox foot bath arrays which are designed to generate more ions and provide strong ion flow into the water to promote health.

Well Made Arrays - double row coils instead of single like others, with an easy-to-clean composite plastic exterior and top-quality stainless-steel wire in both internal coils

Durable and Compatible - durable lasts between 30-50 uses each standard Size, For use with foot spa machines/foot bath detox equipment. Standard size, compatible with almost all Ionic detox foot bath machines.

Easy to Clean - manufactured with a hole in the botton for internal cleaning access, low maintenance, just rinse it off with water and blow dry it or let it air, then seal it in a plastic bag.

Help with Your Body - promote metabolism and blood circulation, improve the sleep effectively.

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