Negative Ion Potential 2022-06-14

Negative potential (800--1700) The human body initially carries 5--6 volts of electricity, which is the initial energy of our life. The amount of electricity charged in the human body directly affects health and life. Healthy people have 80% negative potential and 20% positive potential. The friction between positive and negative electricity produces a body temperature of 36.5 degrees. The human body has a negative potential inside the cell and a positive potential outside the cell. Under normal physiological functions, the negative negative potential inside the cell membrane is always higher than the positive positive potential outside the cell membrane, thus maintaining the normal physiological function of the cell. Negative and negative alkaline substances can comprehensively resist the excessive production and release of positive and positive acidic substances, thereby dilating blood vessels, maintaining normal blood vessel tension, maintaining normal blood pressure, and regulating the pH balance in the blood. There are many factors that lead to sub-health and chronic diseases, and the serious lack of negative potential in the human body is the top priority! It can be seen that in order to maintain human health, prevent chronic diseases, and supplement the negative potential needed by the human body, it can be described as a top priority. Sdyfu ion foot bath machine can generate a large number of negative potentials when it works. Based on the principle of attraction of opposites, it absorbs excess positive potentials in the body, and uses water as a medium to show it on the water surface. Improve the oxygen carrying capacity of cells, enhance cell vitality, and promote the recovery of human health. The functions of negative potential are: Regulate-improve-recovery Balance the pH of the human body, activate cells, regulate autonomic nerves, relieve body fatigue and muscle pain, promote human metabolism, and remove the source of pain.

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