Is hydrogen worth trying? Nov 6,2020.

Although there are various basic and even clinical research evidences, for most diseases, there is currently no certification to use hydrogen therapy. Therefore, hydrogen is not a drug for many diseases. In this case, no matter the method of use, it cannot be said to have a therapeutic effect. So we said try to use.

Judging from the overall information we currently have, hydrogen is worth using. It is a very good tool for health promotion, disease prevention, or as an auxiliary means of drug treatment. As a tool used by the human body, hydrogen is relatively safe and has a wide range of potential effects, making it more suitable for personal use as a health tool.

A large number of research results also indicate that hydrogen may be able to treat certain diseases. The Chinese Health Commission has approved a medical device for hydrogen inhalation to treat specific diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and new coronary pneumonia. Although there are no more indications, considering the molecular basis of the hydrogen effect, it has a potential therapeutic effect on many diseases , And because hydrogen is relatively safe, doctors can also recommend the use of hydrogen for experimental treatment of more diseases.

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