Hydrogen Water Bath Jan 19,2021.
South Korea has done a lot of work on hydrogen beauty. For example, it was discovered that hydrogen water can resist skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays, and the hydrogen water bath has an anti-wrinkle effect. In terms of the application of hydrogen water, the concept of hydrogen water bath sanatorium was also developed relatively early.

Some customers reported the effect on hydrogen water bath: I recently experienced hydrogen water bath and felt that the effect of hydrogen water is very strong. It only takes a few baths to find incredible results, which are mainly manifested as fatigue after bathing, easy sweating, less dry skin, improved skin smoothness, and a strong feeling of a few years younger.

Some people may think that the skin's absorption capacity is limited. How can hydrogen baths produce such a big effect? In fact, not to mention that hydrogen water produces a high dose on the surface of the skin. Due to the strong diffusion of hydrogen molecules, the absorption of hydrogen through the skin must be very efficient. There is a gas tension (partial pressure) concept. If the hydrogen concentration of the aqueous solution can reach 1.6 ppm or more, the hydrogen partial pressure is equivalent to the partial pressure of 100% pure hydrogen, which means that you inhale 100% hydrogen (it is impossible to do so High, oxygen needs at least 20% under normal pressure, and the highest partial pressure of hydrogen inhalation is 80%). After continuous inhalation for 24 hours, the partial pressure of hydrogen in the body can reach this saturation level. When hydrogen water is bathed, the skin can reach such a high hydrogen partial pressure in an instant. Of course, after entering the body, hydrogen still needs to be transported through the blood circulation to enter other organs, which still takes some time. But the partial pressure of hydrogen on the skin and the organs adjacent to the skin may have an incredible effect. Recently, some scholars have proposed that hydrogen may have a tunneling effect in biological tissues, which means that the diffusion speed of hydrogen in the body far exceeds the diffusion speed of ordinary particles. Therefore, hydrogen bathing may have a very strong unique effect, and it is hoped that the field of hydrogen medicine and health will attach great importance to this method.

Hydrogen has good antioxidant activity for selectively scavenging free radicals, and its accessibility to human tissues and brain cells makes it a candidate for antioxidants. In recent years, hydrogen water produced by various methods has been regarded as a promising tool for various applications in medical, health, and skin care.
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