Happy International Women's Day Mar 8,2021.

Whether you become a mother, wife, or daughter, you will always be yourself.

The original intention of International Women's Day was to commemorate the international feminist movement, and also to take this opportunity to celebrate the contributions and achievements of women in the political, economic and social fields.

Today, the familiar "March 8" International Women's Day is derived from the International Labor Movement. The English name is International Women's Day, which can also be translated as "International Women's Day/Day" or "International Women's Day/Day".

The seeds were sown in 1908. That year, 15,000 women rallied and marched in New York, the United States, to protest against employers’ exploitation of women workers, demanding shorter working hours, higher wages, and the right to vote for women in elections. After that parade, the Socialist Party of America (SPA) announced the establishment of "National Women's Day" in 1909.

SDYFU sincerely wishes all women in the world a happy Women's Day.

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