Enjoy hydrogen bath - restore the beauty of your skin's health Jul 14,2022.
Studies have shown that hydrogen can eliminate malignant oxygen free radicals in the human body and play an important role in various diseases such as oxidative damage, inflammatory response, and apoptosis. The common ways for the human body to absorb hydrogen are through the respiratory tract (inhalation with hydrogen inhalation machine products), gastrointestinal tract (drinking hydrogen water with hydrogen water cups or hydrogen water machines and other products), skin (using hydrogen bath machine products to soak in hydrogen water bath), etc. Way.

What are the benefits of using a hydrogen water bath?

Hydrogen water baths have first been proven to resist wrinkles and reduce skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. The latest research has found that hydrogen water baths can improve the symptoms of refractory skin diseases such as psoriasis, and have a good effect on skin diseases and joint problems.

Often use hydrogen-rich water to take a bath. With the improvement of blood circulation, the temperature of the skin rises, the pores open, and the skin's ability to absorb hydrogen-rich water becomes particularly good, allowing hydrogen molecules to penetrate through the skin to the skin damaged by ultraviolet radiation. In the body's oxidized cells, the depth of skin wrinkles becomes shallower, which can delay skin aging, and finally achieve the functions of health care, beauty and freckle removal, and anti-aging.

Promote metabolism and other things. If the metabolism is slow, the spirit of the person is also very sluggish, and there is usually a lack of exercise. The accumulation of toxins in the body will cause problems such as edema and dullness. Taking a bath with hydrogen-rich water can promote metabolism, accelerate the circulation of the whole body, and remove toxins from the body through the bath, so as to improve and prevent all kinds of sub-health.

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