Drink hydrogen water, inhale hydrogen, hydrogen shower 2021-06-10
The more common and commonly used methods of hydrogen use should be: drinking hydrogen water, breathing hydrogen, and bathing in hydrogen water!

Of course, there are more than these three methods for hydrogen use. There are also hydrogen-rich saline injection, eye drops of hydrogen-rich liquid, and oral hydrogen-producing drugs. Below, we will focus on the three commonly used methods!

The method of using hydrogen is different, the mode of hydrogen absorption is also different, and the hydrogen intake speed and dosage will also be significantly different.

⭐ When drinking hydrogen water, the process of hydrogen absorption is close to the process of water absorption. Since hydrogen molecules are smaller than water molecules and have no polarity, hydrogen is absorbed more quickly by the digestive tract than water.

Drinking hydrogen water first enters the liver through the portal vein, and the hydrogen entering the blood circulation passes through the rapid escape process of the lungs. The main absorption site of hydrogen in hydrogen water is the stomach. After a person drinks hydrogen water, most of the hydrogen can be absorbed in the stomach and enter the blood within 10-20 minutes.

⭐When inhaling hydrogen, the process of gas entering the body is completely similar to the process of oxygen entering the body. The difference is that the transport of oxygen in the blood can rely on the assistance of hemoglobin, and the solubility can be increased many times, while hydrogen does not have the assistance of transport molecules such as hemoglobin, so the efficiency of entering the body is far less than that of oxygen.

When the human body inhales hydrogen, according to the theory of diving medicine, the hydrogen concentration in the human blood can reach the highest saturation concentration after about 30 minutes, and it takes 60 minutes for the brain to reach this concentration.

⭐When the hydrogen water is bathed, it is absorbed through the skin. Hydrogen can be absorbed through the surface of the skin into the blood circulation. The diffusion ability of hydrogen gas through the skin is very strong, and the hydrogen water can enter the blood within a few seconds after contacting the skin.

Compared with drinking hydrogen water, hydrogen water bath also uses water as the carrier to take in hydrogen gas, but the advantage of bathing is that it can continuously take in hydrogen gas, and the overall dose of hydrogen gas into the body can be higher.

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