Beauty care, skin inflammation repair...Do you know the benefits of hydrogen baths? Apr 1,2021.

Hydrogen bath, as the name suggests, is to take a bath with hydrogen-containing water and absorb hydrogen molecules through the skin.

1. Hydrogen molecule water bath is a way to absorb a large amount of hydrogen molecules.

Professor Naruto Ota of the Japan Medical University confirmed that when experiencing a hydrogen bath, hydrogen gas will be absorbed through the skin and circulate in the body after 5 to 10 minutes. (Knowed by the way of measuring exhaled breath)

In addition to being absorbed by the skin of the whole body, hydrogen that escapes from the water surface into the air can be absorbed by breathing.

2. Hydrogen molecular water bath has a stronger sense of experience.

Why do you say that? Let’s compare drinking hydrogen water. The intake of hydrogen by drinking hydrogen water is mainly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, and the amount of water consumed per day is limited. Therefore, the intake efficiency is lower than that of hydrogen bath. It also takes time for the human body to feel the effects of hydrogen. However, the "hydrogen bath" can simultaneously replenish a large amount of hydrogen through the skin and breath, so that you can quickly feel the "effect of hydrogen".

1. Safe, low-cost, simple and effective beauty care methods

(1) Detoxification of the skin

Japan Medical University confirmed that one hydrogen bath is equivalent to 300 skin detoxifications and 1,000 rehydrations.

(2) Beauty and anti-wrinkle

We know that collagen has a strong ability to stretch and keep the skin elastic. The aging of collagen will cause wrinkles in the skin.

(3) Anti-ultraviolet rays damage. The daily use of hydrogen water as bath water can effectively prevent skin damage caused by sun exposure, and has many benefits to ensure the youthful state of the skin.

(4) Regulate endocrine

For women, uterine cold, premature ovarian failure, and irregular menstruation caused by endocrine disorders are the main causes of aging. Hydrogen molecular water bath can effectively promote blood circulation and increase internal temperature, and improve female uterine cold and other problems.

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